Our Model

Why Brands Partner with Us ?

We find the right markets for your products

Our team of research specialists conduct market research, create customer profiles and market segments, assess the competition, analyze your product offerings and identify potential markets across the globe and target audiences for you.

You sell us the inventory

For the identified potential markets, we do sales forecasting for your product offerings. We buy your inventories to stock up for the predicted sales for the first few months. As we keep selling, we keep buying more. Our ecommerce experts optimize your sales to accelerate your business growth.

We list, promote and sell your product through the appropriate channels

We find the right channels for each potential market. We help you reach your customers across the globe by listing, promoting and selling your product on the these channels. Our team of digital marketers , SEO specialists and creative professionals will create a visibility and reach for your products thus maximizing your sales and revenue.

We course correct as necessary

Our team of experts regularly monitor the prevailing trends, capture insights and modify plans and strategies wherever required to increase sales.

We repeat at scale

We track your sales graph & clutch the winning formula to repeat it at a global scale. Our specialists plan for expansion across new markets and regions thus giving you continued growth in revenue and setting benchmarks.